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I made some changes in postgresql source code to let the table function work in 
iteration fashion rather than materialization fashion. My main modifications 
are in 'exec_simple_query' function, I changed 'portalRunSelect' to return just 
one tuple instead of 'FETCH_ALL'. I made other variables static as the 
'portal', 'receiver', etc. so that the program returns to them to continue 
execution from the last point.
Then I added more calls to 'exec_simple_query' and it worked correctly. For 
example, if I added 4 calls to 'exec_simple_query' the 4th tuple is returned. 
My problem lies now in how to display the 1st, 2nd, 3rd tuples not just the 
4th. I tried to call 'pq_flush'  after each 'exec_simple_query' but nothing is 
displayed. I replaced 'pq_flush' with 'ReadyForQuery' but it gives the 
following error 'error 0x54 message received while system is idle'.

My question is how to inform the client that there is a tuple to display and 
return back to the backend to continue the query execution?

Islam Hegazy

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