Tom Lane wrote:
Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
The question in my mind is this: how much do we back-patch to cover new and incompatible releases of software we depend on?

I guess that depends on the invasiveness - in this case it's a couple of simple updates to the regression tests so I think it's probably worth doing.

It's not just the regression tests; there are at least two rounds of
patches in the C code --- plpython.c r1.90, r1.97, maybe r1.100.
Only the first of these has seen any testing "in the wild".

Ahh - missed that bit.

Another objection to patching 8.1 is why stop there ... why not 8.0,

8.0 didn't have the PL regression tests and as it appeared to be a regression test issue...

I'll disable python on < 8.2.

Regards, Dave.

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