Sorry i have put the question wrongly. I wanted to ask if we can create a
schema during createdb time so that i have to hide the following from the
psql -c 'create schema foo' mytemplate
psql -c 'create table ...' mytemplate
Whenever a user runs createdb command, the above schema and table should be
created automatically.

On 4/18/07, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

sharath kumar wrote:
> How can I create a schema during initdb time?
> For example pg_catalog, pg_toast, information_schema are created
> during initdb time. Likewise I want to create my own schema at initdb
> time. How can i do it? Also how to create a table into this schema at
> that time itself?

This question really does not belong on -hackers, which is about
postgres development, not usage. Next time use pgsql-general.

You have misunderstood the purpose of initdb, which is to prepare a
location for running a postmaster against.

After initdb has run there are no user databases yet created (unless you
count the postgres database).

So you would need to do something like this:

  initdb ...
  pg_ctl start ...
  createdb mytemplate
  psql -c 'create schema foo' mytemplate
  psql -c 'create table ...' mytemplate

After that you can do this:

  createdb --template mytemplate newdb

and the newdb will have your schema and table.



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