On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 02:28:18PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> I doubt that supporting a single multibyte character would be an
> interesting extension --- if we wanted to do anything at all there, we'd
> just generalize the delimiter to be an arbitrary string.  But it would
> certainly slow down COPY by some amount, which is an area where you'll
> get push-back for performance losses, so you'd need to make a convincing
> use-case for it.

Couldn't we use a fast code path (what we have now) for the case when
the delimiter is a single byte? That would allow for multi-character
delimiters without penalizing those that don't use them.

As for use case, I worked on migrating some stuff out of a MySQL
database a while ago, and having arbitrary string delimiters would have
made life easier.
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