Marcin Waldowski wrote:

Doesn't the postmaster restart all other backends due to the FATAL error? Are you saying that you can no longer make new connections to the server,
or is the problem coming from that the aplpication doesn't like that the
server kicked out all connections?

No, we are sure that he didn't do that. As I mentioned above one connection was terminated, but other ones were hung on update operations. In this state it was possible to create new connection from PGAdmin and do some select and update operations. In addition I can say that we use only read-commited transactions and all operations are based on prepared statemens which are reused.

It may mean that PGSemaphoreUnlock(PGSemaphore sema) was executed for unintended sema "object". That's why PGSemaphoreUnlock() for unintended sema "object" failed and PGSemaphoreUnlock() for intended sema "object" *never* happens. That would explain why other connections were hung on update operations.

I think it sounds quite reasonable to be one of possibilities ;)

Regards, Marcin

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