I've been seeing this failure intermittently on Narwhal HEAD, and once
on 8.1. Other branches have been OK, as have other animals running on
the same physical box. Narwhal-HEAD is run more often than any other
builds however.

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong? It seems unlikely to be a
hardware issue given that it's the exact same test failures each time.

Regards, Dave.

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Subject: PGBuildfarm member narwhal Branch HEAD Status changed from OK
to InstallCheck failure
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 13:46:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: PG Build Farm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

The PGBuildfarm member narwhal had the following event on branch HEAD:

Status changed from OK to InstallCheck failure

The snapshot timestamp for the build that triggered this notification
is: 2007-04-20 20:00:01

The specs of this machine are:
OS:  Windows Server 2003 R2 / 5.2.3790
Arch: i686
Comp: GCC / 3.4.2 (mingw-special)

For more information, see

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