> This works, but it seems overly verbose. It occurred to me that we could
> easily add a new PL/PgSQL statement that evaluates a set-returning
> expression and adds *all* the resulting rows to the function's result
> set. For example:
> I'm not sure of the right name: "RETURN ROWS" or "RETURN ALL" might also
> work. Of course, this is syntax sugar (and superficial sugar at that),
> but I believe this is a fairly common requirement.
> Comments?

Hmmm ... "ALL" is already a reserved word, so is unlikely to be a variable 
name, yes?  I'd think we could get some breakage on "ROWS".  So I'd go for 

Overall, I think this is worthwhile, but maybe not enough to bypass feature 

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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