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On 4/23/07, Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I was thinking about the upcoming release on my 32-hour epic airplane ordeal,
and realizing that it changes PostgreSQL in a lot of ways.  Between major
improvements to performance, major changes to the file format, and changes to
implicit conversions breaking backwards compatibility, our new ability to
more-or-less stick to deadlines ...

... should this be 9.0 instead of 8.3?

Seems like it'd be both an annoucement of how far we've come, as well as a
warning to users that the 8.2-->9.0 upgrade could be painful.  And that some
of our more radical features in the new version could have some rough edges.

as a casual user, only subscribed to this list, i think you should
really consider it.

a bunch of problems due toa  minor-release-number upgrade would come
as a suprise.

a major-release-number- upgrade i would investigate more thorough.



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