Josh Berkus wrote:
> Bruce, All,
> (x-posting to Advocacy, hopefully to forestall flames)
> > I want to apologize for having my signature at the bottom of the 8.2.4,
> > etc. release announcement.  There is no reason to mention my name,
> > company, and web site at the bottom of something that is supposed to
> > come from the community.  And I didn't even write that email --- I was
> > doing it for someone else.  I also didn't realize my email would be
> > picked up, verbatum, by web sites:
> >
> >
> >
> > As soon as I saw the posted version I knew the signature looked odd. I
> > will try to remember to remove it in the future if I ever have to make
> > such announcements again.
> Gah. Well, we learn something every time.  I think we should create a 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] account for you just to post official notices; this will 

I am [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Yea, I could use that to post.  Never even
thought of that.

  Bruce Momjian  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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