Dave Page wrote:
Michael Meskes wrote:
On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 10:47:57AM +0100, Dave Page wrote:
I'm seeing an ECPG-Check failure on Windows Vista - any ideas what might
be causing this?
Hmm, first glance suggests some permission problems.

Yes, that was my thought as well, however I ran cacls down the entire
build tree, granting full control to Everyone on everything, but the
problem persists.

Please don't do that on your buildfarm repo copy (if that's what you did). You should not touch *anything* inside it. If need to you do this, make a copy (see later) and alter that.

If you did do this to the buildfarm repo copy, please blow it away so that buildfarm will get a fresh clean copy next time it runs.

Additionally, all the other tests pass, including make check and make
installcheck, so unless the ECPG tests are trying to create something
outside of the buildtree, I don't think it is a permissions issue.

Is there anything I can try building/running manually to help debug this?

To recreate the failing buildfarm environment (including making an alterable repo copy), run the following (with suitable local mods):

run_build.pl --test --keepall

At the end of that you should have the build tree that was actually used, and the install tree too if it got that far. Then you can start playing manually.

Remember to move or remove the kept trees before your next buildfarm run.



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