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> By the way, about indexes :
>         When you have a small table (say, for a website, maybe a few
> tens of  
> megabytes max...) reindexing it takes just a few seconds, maybe
> 10-20  
> seconds.
>         It could be interesting, performance-wise, to tell postgres
> not to bother  
> about crash-survivability of indexes on this table. Like temporary
> tables.  
> Write nothing to WAL. If it crashes, on recovery, postgres would
> reindex  
> the table.
>         btree indexing is so fast on postgres that I'd definitely use
> this  
> feature.
>         I'd rather trade a minute of recovery versus less disk IO for
> index  
> update.
>         You could even do that for whole tables (like, web sessions
> table) which  
> hold "perishable" data... 

That optimisation on mine/Heikki's todo for the next release.

In some cases it can speed up recovery, as well as mainline performance.

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