Dave Page wrote:
> This was another occurance of the strange create index failure on
> Narwhal - unfortunately, despite having 'keep_error_builds' => 1 in my
> BF config it seems to have removed the tree so I can't get the dump that
> Tom wanted.
> Does anyone know why the keep_error_builds option didn't work in this
> case? Or have I misinterpreted it's meaning?

Well, "anyone" will usually be me ;-)

To the best of my knowledge and belief it does work. This is the code it
should cause to be executed:

        my $timestr = strftime "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S", localtime($now);
        move("$pgsql", "pgsqlkeep.$timestr");
        move("inst", "instkeep.$timestr")       if (-d "inst") ;

Please see if you can trap the script stdout/stderr somewhere so that next
time it fails you can send it to me.

How exactly do you have the buildfarm runs automated? Maybe that does a
little cleaning of its own?



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