-hackers probably isn't the place for such complaints.

The problem not beacuse of MSVC, but because of member misconfiguration,
by the look of it. The tar command string will need to be set in the
config file and tar installed. I found that I needed bsdtar for Windows
for this to work. See




Dave Page wrote:
> I just noticed that the stage logs aren't displayed against MSVC build
> hosts as they are for regular hosts, eg:
> http://www.pgbuildfarm.org/cgi-bin/show_log.pl?nm=mastodon&dt=2007-04-25%2001:00:02
> vs.
> http://www.pgbuildfarm.org/cgi-bin/show_log.pl?nm=narwhal&dt=2007-04-25%2002:00:03
> Is this WIP, or a bug to be fixed?
> Regards Dave.
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