shieldy wrote:
> Hi, I wanto joinin the developer group of postgresql。
>  But, I just donot know how to put the first step, as I installed the
> postgresql, and also get the postgresql code. after that, I also
> installed the cygwin on my computer( as my os is windows xp). but now
> I wonder what's my next step. as I have extends some aspects in the
> postgresql spatial data. can you give me some suggestions on how
> should I go on? thankyou!

hello ...

usually the best thing to do is to take a look at the official todo list
of PostgreSQL and focus of on one area of the database code. everything
at once is usually too complex.
just pick the area you are most interested it and start with small patches.

once you are familiar with the process here you can extend you scope.

    best regards,


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