I've uploaded a preview release of the Windows installer for PostgreSQL
8.3 to http://pgfoundry.org/frs/?group_id=1000007.

This preview is intended to get some initial testing and feedback on the
new architecture that we intend to use for future installers. In a
nutshell, most of the bundled software has been moved out of the main
installer into individual packages which can be automatically downloaded
and installed by a new application called the StackBuilder. There are a
number of reasons for this:

- It allows the additional software to be released and updated to the
schedule of the authors choosing, not the PostgreSQL schedule.

- It will allow us to offer a far greater range of PostgreSQL software,
and make it easy for the user to find and install.

- It reduces the workload for us when packaging multiple branches to a
tight schedule, for example, for a security release.

- It allows us to release a single package targeting multiple versions
of PostgreSQL, or multiple packages for single versions when packages
are tightly bound to the server.

In addition, this preview of both the installer, and the bundled
snapshot of PostgreSQL 8.3-dev were built using the new Visual C++ build

So, please download and test if you are able and provide feedback
through the pgFoundry bug tracker - we want to iron out any problems as
soon as possible before release. Please note however:

- pl/java will not work yet - please do not try to activate it in template1.

- Slony and PostGIS are not yet included for download by StackBuilder.


Regards, Dave

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