Umm, please define "does not work". You're going to need to give
details about your setup, what you're actually doing and what's going
wrong if you expect any answers...

On Sat, Apr 28, 2007 at 08:56:46PM +0800, shieldy wrote:
> few days before, I said I wanto joinin the postgresql develope group. and
> recently, I make some progress, such as get throught the base steps. but
> when i add some functions to the spatial data, such as box_add1() to box
> data, but when I compile it, and install it to my computer, it turns out
> ,the box_add1() didnot work, but the original one box_add(),which has
> existed in the current one, works. so what happened? and I check it, that,
> the declaration of the function, I add, can be found in the installed
> include files, it's local\pgsql\include\server\utils\geo_decls.h.
> anyone can give me some suggestions? thankyou!

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