Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
>> No, but it's exactly the reason why we release with/just before
>> PostgreSQL. If we were offset by six months, we might find ourselves
>> having to do compatibility releases mid-cycle for the latest PostgreSQL
>> release. A change in pg_database such as we had previously wouldn't be
>> an issue for the stable branch, but the changes to op classes etc. in
>> 8.3 certainly would be of great concern.
> hmm - understood. I guess I simply speculated that doing a pgadmin
> release might be much more lightweight than doing a PostgreSQL release

Oh, it is - but then the work is done mainly by me, with Guillaume
handling the translations and other people producing some of the binary
builds. We don't have anything like to pool of developers that
PostgreSQL does.

> (how many "backbranches" is pgadmin supporting?". I think I now
> understand why you are doing it that way though ...

We don't support any back branches because each version of pgAdmin III
supports PostgreSQL >= 7.3. When a new major release comes out, we drop
support for the previous. We do have the advantage of not having to
worry about on-disk upgrading data formats :-)


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