Martin Langhoff wrote:
So - if you are committed to providing your gateway long term to
Florian, I'm happy to drop my gateway in favour of yours.

(Florian, before basing your code on either you should get a checkout of
Aidan's and mine and check that the tips of the branches you are working
on match the cvs branches -- the cvsimport code is good but whereever
CVS is involved, there's a lot of interpretation at play, a sanity check
is always good).

Sorry for responding so late - I was rather busy during the last 1 1/2 weeks
with university stuff, and had only very little time to spend on SoC.

I've tried to switch my repo to both git mirrors, but there seems to be something strange happening. The checkout pulls a _lot_ of objects (
a few hunder thousands), and then takes ages to unpack them all, bloating
my local repository (Just rm-ing my local repo takes a few minutes after
the checkout).

It seems as if git pulls all revisions of all files during the pull -
which it shouldn't do as far as I understand things - it should only
pull those objects referenced by some head, no?

The interesting thing is that exactly the same problem occurs with
both if your mirrors...

Any ideas? Or is this just how things are supposed to work?

greetings, Florian Pflug

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