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>> Subject: Re: Feature freeze progress report
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>> If we had a 1-2 lines status blurp attached to each patch in the
>> queue, 
>> like "waiting for review", "author is fixing issue XX", etc., that
>> might 
>> help. Bruce would need to do that if we keep the current patch queue 
>> system unmodified otherwise, or we'd need to switch to something else.
> Would it be possible to also automatically determine some sort of
> bit-rot status?  What I had in mind was an automated process that would
> apply each patch to HEAD on a daily basis and report whether the patch
> still applies cleanly and still allows all regression tests to pass on
> at least one platform.  If and when the result of these tests changes
> from pass to fail, the patch submitter would be automatically
> notified.  
> The patch status could then also show the last time at which the patch
> applied cleanly, and the last time that regression tests ran
> successfully.

Hmm.  That would be an interesting extension to the build farm.

If only the timing were right for us to get a GSoC person or something
such to add such functionality...
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