I wrote:
> I think the correct thing is to do nothing, and assume the expanded
> expression must have the right type already, if the function is declared
> to return a pseudotype.  The only pseudotypes allowed as SQL-function
> results are RECORD, VOID, and polymorphic, and this seems OK and maybe
> even required in each case.  But having gotten this wrong once already,
> maybe I better call for comments...

Make that 0 for 2 :-(.  On closer inspection the correct patch seems to
be just to use "result_type", ie the result type the function call node
was already labeled with, not funcform->prorettype (the function's
declared result type).  This can be seen to be correct from two

1. The whole point of the RelabelType insertion is to ensure that the
exposed type of the expression tree (as reported by exprType say)
remains the same as before.  And "result_type" is exactly what it was

2. result_type, not prorettype, is in fact what check_sql_fn_retval()
was checking against.  That Assert was intended to back up that we were
in sync with check_sql_fn_retval(), but we weren't.

So this is just a pure thinko in the previous patch.  Sigh.

                        regards, tom lane

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