Magnus Hagander wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Now that we seem to have MSVC building working tolerably well, I think
we need a bit of cleanup. In particular, I think the config setup needs
to be more like the arguments we pass to the standard configure script.

I'm not saying I'm against it, I'd just like to know why? Personally, I
find the store-in-a-file a whole lot more handy.

I am only talking about the names. I want the hash key names to be the same as the configure argument names.

Since this is a perl hash, we'll need to have some sort of mapping
convention. I suggest this:

. where the configure arg doesn't take a value, make the hash value
undef (e.g. '--enable-integer-datetimes' => undef )

Is there a way to differ that from just not being defined? otherwise,
why not just make it 1 instead of undef?

I guess we can just handle 1/0, and if we detect one of those act appropriately - I don't think we have any cases where those would be expected values of configure arguments.

. where the configure arg  would occur with a single value, just set
that (e.g. '--prefix' => 'c:\\foo' )
. where the configure arg would occur with a multiple value, provide a
listref (e.g. '--with-libs' => [ 'c:\\bar', 'd:\\baz' ] )

These I get. ;-)

OK. I think we have a plan. Let's work on it.



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