Tom, Josh, Magnus.

> I can't speak to the situation on Windows either; if OpenSSL isn't
> commonly used on Windows that may be a sufficient reason for supporting
> GSSAPI too.  I'm just unconvinced by any argument that suggests we'll
> replace our SSL support with it.

I can't imagine we will either.  I think we should offer users choices, 
within reason.  

> IIRC we had a gnutls patch offered, but rejected.

Darn, this happened while I was offline.  I would have supported it.  I 
still think it's a good idea, pending patch quality.

> > Also, last I checked OpenSSL didn't ship with Windows and Kerberos
> > encryption did.
> How long ago did you check? I've been using OpenSSL on windows for many
> years. Actually, it was supported just fine on Windows back when it was
> added to PostgreSQL *at least*.

I didn't say *available for download*, I said *ship with*.  That is, does a 
Windows Vista Pro box from the factory come with OpenSSL on it?  It does 
come with Microsoft SSPI, although I don't know compatibility issues.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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