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* [PATCHES] HOT Patch - Ready for review  /Pavan Deolasee/

This needs a *lot* of review.  Can we break it down into more manageable
chunks?  I'm not sure that anyone's got a full grasp of the implications
of this patch, and that's a scary thought.

Sure, we can do that. I actually did that when I posted the
incremental versions of the HOT-patch, each version implementing
the next big chunk of the code. I can reverse engineer that again.

When I do that, should I just break the patch into logical pieces without
worrying about whether each piece alone builds/works correcttly ?
Or should I try to make each piece complete ? I know the second
would be a preferred way, but it would be more work. But if that can
considerably ease review process, I would do that by all means.
In any case, there will be dependecies amongst the patches.

I am on leave today, so would start on this tomorrow.



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