I am getting the parse error while i try to execute a simple sql query in 
 java.sql.SQLException: ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "and" at 
character 58
  The Query has been changed  and it is very much like the below one
 select * from emp where empName like 'XXXXX' and empId=206
 when I try to execute the same query in the postgresql console it is working 
fine but when i try to execute the same as a prepared statement from my java 
code it is giving the java.sql.SQLException like the above.
 Do Anyone have the answer for this problem????????
 Expecting a Quick response.
 Here is my code:
 String getEmpId=SQLQueriesHandler.getQuery("eis.toGetEmpId");
 System.out.println("The Query to empId with Parameters is : "+psmt.toString());
 where the query will be like
 select empId from empTab where empName like 'XXXXXXX' and deptId=13
 And in the above code empForm is the  Struts ActionForm object and getters are 
the form beans.
 If i try to execute that as a statement it is executing well.
 and also if i try to execute that query as a pprepare statement in the code 
itself it is executing well.
 The only problem is when i try to get the query from the properties file 
 The variable names are changed keeping the code as it is.

Plz reply back soon
 Thanks in Advance.
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