"Pavan Deolasee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Please see the attached updated patch, based on Tom's comments.

> Attempt to reload index information for system indexes such as
> pg_class_oid_index can cause infinite recursion. But I realized that
> we don't need to reload system index information because we
> neither allow CREATE INDEX or CIC on system relations. Only
> REINDEX is allowed which does not need any reload. So we skip
> index information reload for system relations.

Applied with revisions --- mostly, trying to keep the comments in sync
with the code.  I also added a forced relcache inval on the index's
parent table at the end of CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY; this is to flush
cached plans and allow the newly valid index to be considered in
replanning.  (The relcache inval on the index won't do it, since by
definition the index is not mentioned in any such plan...)

                        regards, tom lane

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