For info, the buildfarm script failed to leave the broken tree behind again so I was unable to get a dump from the affected index.

Andrew; My run logs show that the script did think it was leaving the tree behind (it included the 'leaving error trees' text that you asked me to add to the script). I'm assuming it does leave the tree under the buildroot for the branch and doesn't try to copy them into /tmp or somewhere?

Regards, Dave

PG Build Farm wrote:
The PGBuildfarm member narwhal had the following event on branch HEAD:

Status changed from OK to Check failure

The snapshot timestamp for the build that triggered this notification is: 
2007-05-02 20:00:01

The specs of this machine are:
OS:  Windows Server 2003 R2 / 5.2.3790
Arch: i686
Comp: GCC / 3.4.2 (mingw-special)

For more information, see

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