On 5/4/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
   ->  Sort  (cost=840.19..865.19 rows=10000 width=244) (actual 
time=140.492..140.880 rows=100 loops=1 method=top-N)
         Sort Key: fivethous
Another possibility, which could be wedged into explain.c slightly more
easily, is to append "Method: top-N" or some such to the Sort Key line,
but I'm not sure that that would look nice.

Is it possible to have something like Sort (disk|top-N|memory) instead
of Sort? I'm really not sure it's a good idea to break the (actual
time=0.074..51.849 rows=10000 loops=1) output we have for every node.
It's easier to read the output when it's consistent.
If not, append it at the end of the Sort Key line is better IMHO.


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