I have a potential situation where I will have a lot of sensor data coming
in very often. (every second or so) The sensor data is from physics type
measurements, and will normally follow a slowly changing pattern with
sinusoidal disturbances. The overall shape of the data is more important
than catching high frequency disturbances.

I had the idea of taking the Fourier transform of the waveform and storing
the waveform internally that way to reduce storage requirements. When I get
some free cycles, I may try doing this. I would want it to be done in the
database in such a way that the user can still join to a table using this
internal storage scheme.

Why am I mailing this list? I'd like to ask if anyone has heard of someone
doing anything like this. I did a small search of the lists and internet but
didn't come up with anything. I just don't want to re-invent the wheel.

Thanks for your time,

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