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> > <snip tracker outline>
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> > Barring a few trivial details, that sounds almost identical to what I
> > proposed.
> Well, Andrew says everyone he talks to doesn't want it.  They want a
> more comprehensive solution that goes from bug to patch.

I don't recall him saying that, though I do know  that's /his/ opinion. It's 
certainly *not* the opinion of most of the people I've spoken with.

I don't disagree with the idea in principle though, but I don't believe it will 
work for us because it's so fundamentally different from the way we currently 
work and still wouldn't solve the problem of capturing all the relevant 
discussion regarding a given patch (or bug) without a reasonable amount of 
manual work, or grafting a large part of what I'm proposing on the side.

Regards, Dave

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