Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
After discussing some possibilities, we decided that maybe the best approach would be to allow a custom GUC variable that would specify a list of types to be passed in binary form with no conversion, e.g.

  plperl.pass_as_binary = 'bytea, other-type'

At minimum this GUC would have to be superuser-only, and even then the
security risks seem a bit high.  But the real problem with this thinking
is the same one I already pointed out to Theo: why do you think this
issue is plperl-specific?


It's not. If we really want to tackle this root and branch without upsetting legacy code, I think we'd need to have a way of marking data items as binary in the grammar, e.g.

create function myfunc(myarg binary bytea) returns binary bytea language plperl as $$ ...$$;

That's what I originally suggested to Theo. It would be a lot more work, though :-)



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