Michael Meskes wrote:
Dave, could you please run

insert into date_test ( d  , ts  ) values (  date '1966-01-17' ,
timestamp '2000-07-12 17:34:29' );
on the Vista system and then select * from date_test;?

According to the logs the insert runs successfully but the select gives
an invalid date format. Interestingly the date argument is displayed
correctly but the timestamp argument throws the invalid date error,
which does not really make sense.

I had to create the table manually of course, so copying what the code seems to do, I get:

regress1=# create table date_test (d date, ts timestamp);
regress1=# set datestyle to iso;
regress1=# insert into date_test(d, ts) values (date '1966-01-17', timestamp '2000-07-12 17:34:29');
regress1=# select * from date_test;
     d      |         ts
 1966-01-17 | 2000-07-12 17:34:29
(1 row)

Which looks OK to me :-(

Unfortunately I do not have access to a Vista system I could use to test
and track this one down.

I'm happy to run any tests you like.

As far as the other message is concerned I'm at a loss. It simply
refuses to run the sql/update script. No idea why.

Oh, hang on... Vista's new 'security' features include popups that ask permission from the user before running any installers. One of the more basic checks they use is the filename - *anything* called setup.exe will cause user confirmation to be required before it will run. I believe for non-interactive sessions it'll just refuse to run. I just tried running update.exe myself, and yes, you guessed it, a user confirmation dialog popped up :-(

Can we rename the test please?

Regards, Dave.

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