Robert Treat wrote:
On Monday 07 May 2007 15:52, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Hiroshi Inoue wrote:
Maybe it's BSD which is different from the license of psqlodbc (LGPL).
Is there no problem with their coexistence ?
Or is it possible for psqlodbc to be LGPL entirely ?
I am having difficulty in understanding what the problem is. My
understanding is that using BSD licensed code is ok in an LGPL project,
but (probably) not vice versa.
To my knowledge you can do it either way, as long as you remember that
any changes to the lgpl code have to be released.

It's generally a very bad idea for a BSD licensed project to include lgpl licensed code because people who try and use your work in thier own projects, under the assumption that it really is bsd licensed, get bitten when they find out that they have now illegally included code that is licensed via some other license.

Psqlodbc package is LGPL licensed and seems to have little problem to
include copy of BSD licensed code as a part of it. It's what I
understand now from other developers' teachings. I'm still afraid of
my misunderstanding a little.


Hiroshi Inoue

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