While trying to test the arrays of complex types, I used a
stripped-down configure.  Too stripped down, it turns out.

CFLAGS="-O0" ./configure --prefix=/var/lib/pgsql/tip --with-pgport=2225 
--enable-cassert --enable-debug --enable-depend --enable-integer-datetimes 

I set $PGDATA to my test directory, then did

initdb -D $PGDATA -E utf8
createdb array_test
createlang plperlu array_test 

then spent some time trying to figure out why I got the following
error when I tried to create a PL/PerlU function:

psql:schema.sql:4259: ERROR: cache lookup failed for function 1000

It turns out that PL/PerlU wasn't available, even though createlang
had succeeded.  I think this is a bug in CREATE LANGUAGE, as CREATE
LANGUAGE should have failed when it found no PL/Perl compiled in.

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