Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Just got the report below in pgsql-es-ayuda.  He says his logs files are
> filled with 50 MB of the error message
> LOG:  SSL SYSCALL error: Unknown winsock error 10004
> I looked up 10004 and apparently it's WSAEINTR, according to
>       Interrupted function call. This error is returned when a socket
>       is closed or a process is terminated, on a pending Winsock
>       operation for that socket.
> I wonder if the SSL code should be rather interpreting this error code
> as one of those for which it must retry.  It seems strange that it be
> named EINTR (which sounds to me like "operation interrupted") and then
> talk about closed sockets and terminated processes.
> This is Windows XP, Postgres 8.2.3.

We've seen this one before, but it hasn't been fixed. See for example
bug report #2829.

Also, I wonder if this can be related to the just-reported bug #3266,
only with a different error code on win32?


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