Not to beat a dead horse, but do we really want to force folks to be
parsing logs for performance monitoring? Especially if that log parsing
is just going to result in data being inserted into a table anyway?

I know there's concern about performance of the stats system and maybe
that needs to be addressed, but pushing users to log parsing is a lot of
extra effort, non-standard, likely to be overlooked, and doesn't play
well with other tools. It also conflicts with all the existing
statistics framework.

One thing that doesn't seemed to be being looked at it is the cost of logging. Logging is very expensive. I don't know if it is more expensive than the stats system, but you can cut your tps in half by having any level of verbose logging on.

Yes that can be offset by pushing the logging to another spindle, and being careful about what you are logging but still.

Either way, we are taking the hit, it is just a matter of where. IMO it would be better to have the information in the database where it makes sense, than pushing out to a log that:

A. Will likely be forgotten
B. Is only accessible if you have shell access to the machine (not as common as all of us would like to think)


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