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COPY/INSERT are also bottlenecked on record at a time insertion into heap, and in checking for pre-insert trigger, post-insert trigger and constraints.

To speed things up, we really need to special case insertions without triggers and constraints, [probably allow for unique constraints], and make these insertions to go into heap N tuples at a time. With this change, comes the benefit of optimizing REDO log to log multiple inserts or even logging a whole new heap page that gets filled in a single WAL record.

Those with triggers and other constraints would still have to go in one at a time because of the trigger/constraints semantics.

It seems to me that dirty pages should be written out by the bg writer instead of circumventing it using ring buffer. If it is slow, we should change bg writer.


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Hi Simon,

On 5/12/07 12:35 AM, "Simon Riggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'm slightly worried that the results for COPY aren't anywhere near as good as the SELECT and VACUUM results. It isn't clear from those numbers
that the benefit really is significant.

COPY is bottlenecked on datum formation and format translation with very low performance, so I don't think we should expect the ring buffer to make much
of a dent.

- Luke

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