Aidan Van Dyk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> * Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070514 10:24]:
>> This is not a behavior required by the TCP spec AFAICS.  Also, in a
>> quick test neither Linux nor HPUX appear to need SO_REUSEADDR --- on
>> both, I can restart the postmaster immediately without it.

> Did you have an active connection before restarting?
> In HylaFAX, we had the same situation and went to using SO_REUSEADDR:

Um, you're right, I hadn't done the test properly.  If I have an open
psql session across TCP and do pg_ctl stop -m fast, then I can't
start a new postmaster until the socket goes out of CLOSE_WAIT state.
Which, if I just leave the psql session sit there, seems to mean
"indefinitely" ... so it's even worse than just a TCP timeout.

So the notion of not using SO_REUSEADDR seems a nonstarter, and we
probably have to go with Magnus' global-object hack.

                        regards, tom lane

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