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Jan Wieck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The only problem with that is that there are code paths that set ActiveSnapshot to palloc()'d memory that is released due to a MemoryContextDelete() without resetting ActiveSnapshot to NULL.

Only at the very end of a transaction (where ActiveSnapshot *is* reset
to null, in FreeXactSnapshot); otherwise we'd have bugs unrelated to
RevalidateCachedPlan.  Eventually I would like to have reference-counted
snapshots managed by a centralized module, as was discussed a month or
two back; but right at the moment I don't think it's broken and I don't
want to spend time on intermediate solutions.

Which means that the 8.3 fix for the reproducible backend crash, I posted earlier, is to have SPI_cursor_open() save and restore ActiveSnapshot while calling RevalidateCachedPlan(). I'll cross check that this fixes this symptom and commit later today.


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