Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Alvaro Herrera wrote:

2. decide that the standard is braindead and just omit dumping the
   grantor when it's no longer available, but don't remove

Which do people feel should be implemented?  I can do whatever we
decide; if no one has a strong opinion on the matter, my opinion is we
do (2) which is the easiest.
Here is a patch implementing this idea, vaguely based on Russell's.

Applied to CVS HEAD, 8.2 and 8.1.

If we want to start tracking the grantor as a shared dependency, and
have REVOKE work per spec (i.e. only revoke the privileges actually
granted by the role executing REVOKE), those are separate patches (and
they should be applied only to HEAD).  This patch merely fixes the fact
that pg_dumpall failed to work for busted databases.

Should there also be a doc patch for this, the document descriptions seemed different to what is actually implemented. I'll check that before I make any further comments.


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