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If the developers were to actually take a step back and say, "Hey... instead
of working on these dozen different features, I should work on three and help
someone review another three..." We wouldn't have this problem.

Isn't that the point of the feature freeze period? To put 'development' off to the side and spend the time reviewing what is pending?

Except at least from the patch status page, few are actually reviewing. It seems we have dumped all our problems on a hand full of hackers.

If ppl find it so inconviencing to not be able to submit patches becaus we're in a feature freeze, then won't that motivate them to do some review, get the patches cleared so that they *can* move on?

In theory yes, but see my comment above.

Someone (you, I think) advocated a '3 weeks and then dump the rest of the patches' (not quote as strong of wording, but similar) ... why not split the patches list up:

submitted patches, not reviewed
reviewed patches, needs work, waiting on author
reviewed patches, ready for commit.

I did that, read the whole thread. Bruce did it too ;) and Stefan (all in slightly different ways).

Joshua D. Drake

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