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Dawid Kuroczko wrote:
> Hello, I have a system where there are mostly COPYs,
> which insert data into a table.  Ocasionally a COPY will fail (and thus,
> dead rows appear), but as far as I can tell ROLLBACK is not reflected
> anywhere in the pg_stats_user_tables.  And since there are no rows
> n_tup_upd or n_tup_del, therefore autovacuum will not fire for that table.
> I see two possible solutions:
>  1) let rollback increment both n_tup_ins and n_tup_del (or maybe
>      n_tup_upd, at least)?  This would be a good safeguard, I guess.
>  2) ANALYZE is able to see wether table is accumulating dead rows.
> It might be a good idea to make ANALYZE able hint autovacuum that
> some tables need VACUUM (that they exceed limits set for autovacuum).
> The 2nd point could be a TODO item, perhaps?  Something like:
> When ANALYZE runs, make it note removable dead rows and non-removable
> dead rows.  If removable dead rows exceed some threshold, hint autovacuum
> at that table.
>    Regards,
>        Dawid
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