Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Back when we were thinking of supporting MSVC builds, we thought that 
> everything would need to be a C program, and so we rewrote the main 
> regression script in C, for example. However, now we have a build system 
> for MSVC we can see that its main infrastructure is in fact perl, so I 
> think what we need to do is to convert the MBCS and ECPG regression 
> drivers to perl rather than C - which should be far, far  simpler task.

I disagree with this for ecpg because (a) it would be a capability
regression from the point of view of anyone building a non-perl-enabled
build on Unix, and (b) we already have the C regression driver, why
can't we re-use or adapt it for ecpg instead of writing and debugging
and maintaining an entirely new set of test infrastructure?

For the MBCS stuff I don't care, since no one runs that on a regular
basis anyway (or should need to...)

                        regards, tom lane

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