Tom Lane wrote:

At this point it seems nothing will be done about this issue for 8.3.

* [PATCHES] plpgpsm  /Pavel Stehule/

I think this has to be held for 8.4: it was submitted too late for the 8.3
feature deadline, and in fact I don't recall that there was any community
discussion/consensus on accepting it into core at all.  Another big
problem is that it largely copies-and-pastes the plpgsql code, which I
think is an unacceptable maintenance burden in the long run.  We need to
consider whether we can't refactor to avoid code duplication.

Per my updated patch email to the lists yesterday, plus Toms' above comments *and* Alvaro's comments to me when I asked Alexey to review it... may I strongly suggest that we bounce this for further development in 8.4.

Joshua D. Drake


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