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Pavan Deolasee wrote:
> For primitive version control, I make a diff after any significant
>> ~/pg_sandbox/pgsql.cluster$ cvs diff -cN > cluster-mvcc-1.patch
> I usually commit each version and tag the tree. That helps me to get
> diff between two versions as well.

Doesn't that confuse rsync?

I use cvsup. But thats not relevant here. Yes, cvsup would delete any
local tags/branches and sync the tree. But then I don't sync the tree very
often. And when I need to sync my work with CVS HEAD, I create
all the required diffs, sync the tree and reapply the patches (and commit
and tag) the tree again. Thats some work, but is I am OK with that
because as I said we don't need to sync with head that often.


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