Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> >
> >Having the Linux process still in memory, I started thinking that maybe
> >what we need, is a sign-off process, whereby developer A reviews other
> >developers' patches, make comments, and when the commented-on developer
> >(call him B) has fixed the issues that A had, then A signs off B patch.
> >In return for the favor, B also reviews and signs off A patches.
> >Eventually this leads to more cooperation between otherwise independent
> >developers.
> You're thinking of the wrong process. What you seem to be suggesting is 
> a process that mimics the Usenet Oracle[1], in which if you ask a 
> question you get given one to answer ...

Interesting, but, err, not really what I was thinking.

In order to make patch review more effective, perhaps we could use some
tools to help us.  How about

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