Tom Lane wrote:
> Sure it's "possible".  Send a Parse command, ask for Describe Statement
> output, then specify the column formats as desired in Bind.  Now this
> does imply an extra server round trip, which might be annoying if your
> client code doesn't have another reason to need to peek at Describe
> output.
No, it's far worse than annoying. It kills my performance. OLE DB does
have a mechanism for explicit "prepare", and I certainly COULD do it
only for those cases, but it is meaningless.
>> What if I send a patch that sends a 64bit float as 128bit number,
>> containing two integers, one for mantissa and one for exponent. This
>> format is guaranteed to never lose precision, but is wire compatible
>> across platforms. Would that be considered a good solution?
> No, not unless you can make the case why this handles NaNs and
> denormalized numbers compatibly across platforms...
NaNs and infinite (plus and minus) should not be a problem. I'm not sure
what denormalized numbers are. If you mean (switching to base 10 for a
second) that 2*10^3 vs. 20*10^2, then I would have to ask why you want
them treated differently. What is the scenario in which you would want
to tell them apart? Likewise, would you really want to tell +0 and -0
apart? If I have an export/import round trip that turns -0 into +0, is
that really a problem?
>                       regards, tom lane

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