I mean as a shared library - a .so for Unix (or whatever the flavor of unix uses instead) or a DLL on WIndows. And no, it would not be in contrib - as I mentioned in another thread yesterday I want to propose that contrib disappear.

Certainly pg_dump would use the library, and retain all the file handling processing it does now. But we could also link it into psql, for example, and expose the results via \ commands.

If you want to have a go at that you'll probably make lots of people very happy.



Usama Munir wrote:
When you say pgdump library, do you mean taking all catalog querying functionality into a contrib like module , exposed as functions and then have a simple pgdump executable which calls those functions to dump to a file, because you would still need a pgdump executable i suppose for people to be able to backup their stuff. Is my understanding somewhere near actual idea or i am way off here?

Are there any discussions on this topic which could give me a little more idea? because i would definitely like to take a shot at this.

Usama Munir
EnterpriseDB (www.enterprisedb.com)

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Usama Munir wrote:
I think using pg_dump in some cases is a good option , but not all the time, having a function makes it much cleaner to use

That's why having a shared pgdump library as has been previously mentioned is by far the best solution.

We have discussed this before, and factoring out this functionality into a shared lib is what needs to be done. I'm not convinced it is as much work as Tom suggests, but it is certainly a non-trivial task.



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