Richard Huxton wrote:
Zdenek Kotala wrote:
3) My personal favorite is create management console - which allows to perform check without physically access to local machine. Management console should be use for another purpose - for example disable/enable databases from cluster, perform upgrade of datalayer to the new version, kill sessions, update postgresql.conf and so on...

However this solution has significant impact on current postgres behavior, but I think it should be big deal for postgres.

I believe pgadmin lets you update postgresql.conf remotely,

IIRC, it is possible only when you have some additional module/function installed on server and it works only for pgadmin, not for psql.

and I know you can kill sessions from within PG ( pg_cancel_backend() ).

If you look how kill session is implemented it does not look much safe.

For the rest, that's what ssh is for imho.

And what you will do when you don't have ssh access on this machine and 5432 is only one way how to administrate a server? (Windows is another story.)


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