Tasneem Memon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Hi, I am Tasneem Memon doing MS Computer Science. I am working on my thesis=
>  these days, for which I have defined some operators theoritically as well =
> as their algorithms, and intend to implement them in PostgreSQL. These oper=
> ators(NEAR, NOT NEAR) are binary and work with NUMBER and DATE data types. =
> Now I need to implement support for them in the parser. But I haven't worke=
> d on the optimization of the operators. And also I am new to database syste=
> ms programming, I am quite confused about what to do now and if I am going =
> the right direction!Please Guide me what should I do next.With best regards=

It sounds like you could use LIKE and its underlying operators/functions
as a template to follow.

                        regards, tom lane

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