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> It's possible that someone could drop a temporary tablespace between
> subsequent usage of GetTempTablespace() when they are empty. This leads to
> strange NOTICEs like
> NOTICE:  could not create temporary file
> "pg_tblspc/16387/pgsql_tmp/pgsql_tmp19942.0"
> during query execution. However, the code is save enough and switches back
> to base/pgsql_tmp then, but this looks a little bit ugly to me. The silent
> mechanism to drop a tablespace during temporary usage makes me a little bit
> uncomfortable about its robustness.

What happens if you create a cursor that stores something (sort
intermediate results?) in a temp tablespace, FETCH some from it, then
someone else drops the tablespace and FETCH some more?

you can't drop a tablespace that is not empty.

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